Center for Materials Crystallography is a Centre of Excellence established January 1st, 2010, based on funding from The Danish National Research Foundation.

The aim of the Center is to exploit the revolutionizing opportunities provided by new X-ray and neutron sources to tackle important challenges in materials science. These include: 

  • Unraveling the chemical origin of molecular self-assembly

  • Understanding the mechanism behind thermoelectric materials capable of converting heat into electrical energy

  • Understanding the nucleation, growth and structure of the nanoparticles, which form the basis of emerging new energy technologies 

  • Quantifying how guest molecules interact with porous host materials used e.g. for gas storage or catalysis

  • Obtaining an atomic scale insight into complex magnetic materials

  • Investigating novel materials formed under high pressure

  • Studying low valent materials

  • Developing instrumentation for synchrotron and neutron studies